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17 Jan 2014

The power of television and online communication is that you get first hand views and insights into the mindset and perspectives that are fueling our societies. Usually people keep their opinions and views to themselves and their smaller network but now they are open for the world to see.
And that is shaping our world.
We now are exposed to and listen to a broad range of topics that have the power to move us in so many directions.
It is so much more important now that we establish a framework for what we are going to expose ourselves to or take on board; to know what we stand for as a human and our basic principles and understanding of life. If not, we are likely to enter into an ocean of confusion and be swayed here and there and ultimately land where the tide or pull is greatest. And that may not be where we really want to be.

Hence the importance of taking time to synthesize our findings into a package of meaning that feels aligned with us as humans.
To do this, means to find a safe and loving environment where your overriding purpose is to determine what- out of it all, brings well being and love to yourself and the world.
So as you enter into 2014, perhaps it’s time to bring a new approach to the year with this much needed time and focus added to your calendar.
All the best for helping to shape 2014 towards something healthy and positive for all …
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