22:44 Our Hidden Gift

I am a member of a Book Club and I went along on Thursday night , the book we discussed was called “22.44,Our Hidden Gift” The Author Tricia L. La bella was there too and I found her to be one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, several members of her family have had Cancer and the way she has dealt with it was mind blowing, she is so positive about life and I felt like she was talking about my late wife Irene and her struggle with the big “C”, this book is really worth reading, as we all know some books are hard to get into, but this one just flows like honey, you find it hard to put it down, it tells you how you can deal with illness in a positive way which would have been an immense help to me a few years ago. excellent job Tricia. Derek

Tricia – thank you. I am finding your book life changing. I have realised that the past nine years of my life – I have faced crises after crises and nothing has changed. I have gone back over and over to just the way things were before. Reading your words, made me realise why the Universe has kept sending me larger and larger messages – yet I still hadn’t got it. But ……… your words have given me inspiration. Ivan (hubby) and I are celebrating 25 years together this weekend. We married in March, but got together in September and this is very special. It is also our line in the sand position. We are getting away for a few days just the two of us and are planning to start again. For the next 25 years. Thank you for the book…. it is an amazing life lesson. Well done.


Sue Lange was the winner of 3 coaching sessions from Rhythm of Life as part of Intrinsic’ 12 Days of Giving competition Christmas 2009. Read her story

Thank  you Tricia for an amazing day . It was such a powerful experience . The presentation was powerful in its simplicity as it allowed me to get in touch with the true issues rather than just accumulating  more information . I have come away from the workshop feeling energised , strong , confident but most importantly I have come away with the parts of me that I had long ago forgotten . I am so excited about my future and the journey ahead . You are an amazing coach and I honour you

Anna .   Wellness Coach

I would like to say I have completed a couple of different programs with Trish and I have gained an enormous amount of tools to use on a day to day basis to ensure that everyday is experienced like a gift.

You have taught me so much about myself, relationships and I feel a genuine peace and an absolute gratitude for the life I live.

It has enhanced my relationship with my husband, child, family and friends.

I have a self believe that has given the ability to “think big” when it comes to my business.

Thank you


“Tricia La Bella is a compassionate, trustworthy and respectful woman. Whenever I was with her I felt no judgement, only support and understanding. I could talk to her freely about anything and she was also able to share parts of her life with me. She was attentive to every conversation which allowed her to do what she does best, to coach. Whether it be in visual and verbal manner, her coaching showed only positive outcomes towards my self-growth and study goals.”


What a great experience  the “Find the Way” program was for me.

Being the only male in the group was good, it helped me understand the different perspectives on the many discussion topics from the females in the group.

Being the owner of 2 businesses I found myself becoming consumed by the pressures associated. Your program helped me learn more about myself and ways of handling circumstances that began to weigh down on me.

Finding that “happy place” has become easier for me now that I understand how to analyse my thoughts and emotions.

Thanks for the experience and look forward to meeting again.


Wow! Doing Tricia’s ‘Find the Way’ course was absolutely engaging!  It was like someone was turning the dimmer switch brighter and brighter.

I now look forward to growing and developing over the next few months and beyond, from the plant sapling that I was at the beginning of the course to a blossoming tree with its branches swaying in the wind.

I ventured into a place that I had put to sleep over 10 years ago and now I embrace each day as it comes, listen to my body and my mind whilst recognising the opportunities that create organic moments.


Having exhausted my own support network, I needed a different outlet to help me “find the way” and the rhythm of life coaching has definitely helped me to get back on track. It has enhanced my self awareness and presented new perspectives in life which in turn have enabled me to become more accepting, relaxed and much happier. Tricia is a great listener and her interpretations have provided much clarity for me in my future journey – thanks Tricia.

Warm regards,

It has been five months since I have completed the Life Coaching course with Tricia La Bella.

Back in September I was not really moving in my life and needed something!  One day I just thought I am going to do this course.  What a great decision.  This has changed my life.

Back in September 2008, I thought I was not doing too bad in life, nothing really wrong or right.  One day I just thought I am going to do this course.  What a great decision as this course has changed my life.  The other day I opened my envelope with my issues that were not really sitting right with me in life back in September when I started the course.  Wow, I now realise that I was not in a good place.  Very amazing that I do not think those things at all now.  I see clearly where I am heading and all of the great qualities that I possess which is something that was not evident when I started the course.

II am not sure where my life would be if I had not done the course, but one thing is for sure I would not be where I am today.  I would like to thank my dear friend and colleague for the insight of how to make these changes in my life.


When time is a precious commodity taking time out to reflect and review is a positive investment and certainly time well spent for me.

By committing to the course I committed to finding the head space for reflection. For me it was important to stop to think and I embraced the group discussions which were an opportunity for authentic, stimulating and provoking discussion. Why don’t we have such in-depth conversations in everyday life?

Through a sequence of guided discussions Tricia offers a number of pathways for exploration.  Where you go …how fast you go or indeed if you choose not to step onto the path at all is up to you. The pace was perfect.

The course also introduced me to a number of tools some of which felt right for me and were embraced others I may revisit…because I know that they are there and are ready to revisit when I have more time ( there I go again! ).

Tricia is a highly skilled and supportive mentor and created a positive, supportive environment for everyone.


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