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2 May 2013

If you ever doubted the power of manifestation – just look around at what is happening all around us.
People are realising their dreams; bringing their music to the world, their stories, their books, their recipes, their fashion, their voices, their messages, their creations…
It’s as though they now know how to do it.
When I watched artist sing on The Voice – they pushed through their nerves, their fears to bring their gift to the audience.
When I watched My Kitchen Rules and heard the comment to the effect of ‘when you have passion and skill, with hard work you can do anything’ – I realised they knew how to do it too.
And it all started from decisions that lead them to what they wanted to share or do.
A decision to audition, not sit still, give things a go, face fear, find courage, be themselves….
A decision that fuelled their steps into the arena of possibilities….
It shows that no matter what we want to feel, do, say or be – we just need to take a simple step.
No matter what the step – we will be moving towards and creating what we want for our lives.
It will sure beat sitting in any angst over thoughts and beliefs of impossible OR feeling stuck!
So take some time to feel what you would like to experience in your life and then… no matter how big or small – take a step and then congratulate yourself for it,
You’ll be on your way,
I hope you enjoy some stepping every day!

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