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17 Jan 2014

I remember many years ago when I started to improve my health, I began to admit my part in things. Rather than look at who or what was upsetting me, stopping me, affecting me… I started to admit the part of me that played a role in whatever the situation was.
Admitting was such a powerful thing and I see it as fundamental to regaining health and well being in so many ways.
The reason I’m bringing this up is that a few days ago while watching a talk program the topic of should employers take responsibility for helping their obese workers lose weight.
The biggest thing that stood out for me was the word responsibility.
I realised how much we look to pass ‘responsibility’ on to someone else for our own business.
Responsibility is linked to blame and that is the key – no one wants to takes the ‘blame’ for outcomes.
If somehow we could soften the language to admit rather than blame – we might have more inclination / courage / willingness / ability to do our part and that is really the most powerful component.
Once we can do that – the real work to change and make progress can begin. We may be so much more willing to openly state that we are taking responsibility and admitting when things are going well or not so well. This may in time be seen as a normal part of any change and not frowned upon for the need to be seen as perfectly able to do so without ups and downs in the process.
Not to say that discussing with our employers, ways for them to support us in that effort be stopped. The difference is that we own it and are responsible rather than someone outside of us.
Just a thought

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