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27 Jul 2012

I really struggle when I hear people refer to others in some sort of difficulty (such as a disease or illness) as  ‘poor things’. To me it’s language that insinuates ‘weak’ and brings a sense of ‘this is really bad’ and is not very empowering for the person going through it! And often it is not how they actually see it!

People in tough situations often move to a place where they can see a different side to things – and for them, comments like these can be frustrating!

You see believe it or not, people in tough situations often claim they wouldn’t go back to their ‘past life’ (as I call it) – before the change.

There are paraplegics who claim they are doing more fulfilling things now than before hand and cancer patients who claim their experience brought them perspectives and realisations that have dramatically improved their relationships and life in general.

When you’ve been through significant challenges – you’ve experienced, survived and often learnt how to thrive in them.

When you haven’t been through them – your experience is looking from a distance with thoughts and feelings of wonder, fear and anxiety about what it would be like.

When you compare the quality of life of those in these different scenarios – one may be living without the physical ailment or challenge but may experience more emotional fear, uncertainty and angst – the other may be living with the physical challenges of their situation but may have developed more inner resourcefulness and appreciation.

No matter what our situation – there are always potential discomforts associated with it!

Hence I see no one as a ‘poor thing’ because we are all the same – in a life that’s fuelled with reason to search for an understanding and inner peace that leads to a greater comfort…

And as each day passes we are continually faced with a new set of trials. That is what I know for sure – just ask everyone! One minute we’re in a job – next minute not, one minute we’re well – next minute we’re not, one minute we’re in a relationship – next minute we’re not, one minute we’re happy – next minute we’re miserable, one minute we’re financial – next minute we’re not, and so on…

And the shifts seem to be occurring faster than ever. It’s as though we are really meant to be learning something very significant during this time in our history!!!

So anything that helps strengthen us and find way our way to appreciation and expansion – must be valuable!

Hence nothing we experience means ‘life is over’… life may be different but in difference it is possible to find a unique and powerful comfort.

So if you are around others who talk the ‘poor thing’ or look as though it is the end of the world – there is choice – you can walk a different path where the light and brightness is more visible.

Maybe it’s time we all are meant to step outside our comfort zone (which is in fact a discomfort zone!) and grow.

So as we sit in our next challenge it may be worthwhile to remember that it is also there to…

Expand our coping capacity

Prepare us for other complex situations

Develop more strengths and skills for life today and the future

Build our confidence and self assurance

Find an authentic compassion for life

Live from the heart

So from this perspective there are true gains!

If we can bring the energy of this reality to our mind – we may be able to transition from the old to the new in a way that feels pretty good all round.

And that’s what I’m in the midst of now – focusing on the great things the challenges over the last 12 months have brought – and there are many.

Just a thought…

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