I don’t know if as humans we are meant to be connected to everything as is the case through our global life approach today.
Interacting through social media has expanded our network and connecting to the internet has expanded our options in every aspect of our life.
Nothing is simple in terms of choice if you opt to explore what is available.
It seems at every moment our heads are potentially in a spin of possibilities and we are feeling more and more that we need to be amongst it to survive it.
The sense that we have to self promote to have a stance in it otherwise we’ll be lost in the background; to a life of anonymity.
The thought seems terrifying cos we’ve been so driven with a feeling of having to keep up.. keep going.
The thought of just being in your life without having to promote it… share it… expand it…
I don’t know about you but as I see shops close down and people lose their jobs due to the increase in the online world of operating, I realise how we have sacrificed township for online communities – leaving our physical environment thinned and empty.
Where are the people?
On their i pads or computers of course…
Now they are so what we do that we can’t even eat dinner, work, sleep, shower without them!
What’s more our minds are not switching off so our sleep hence our well being is being negatively affected.
I hear it more and more – ‘I just can’t switch off!’
So what now?
Perhaps before we are fully drawn into a chasm of no return – it might be time to exercise some discipline about how much and how often and in what way we can influence the pace of that world.
We could decide to slow down the apps, updates, subscriptions…  Just as I did when I politely declined being joined up to another fashion database!

Expanding does not equal improving!

Sometimes improving is downsizing, stabilising and enjoying old fashion personal interaction in work home and play.
Remember the online world can lure us into what seems like a glorified life with amazing opportunities but don’t be fooled.
It zaps our time – our time away from really doing in our bodies the personally rewarding things we need as humans.
So beware the trap and be strong with your resolve to change the flow of this silent monster that we are falling prey to…
And bring our choices back to support things that help build lives, jobs, purpose and a sense of achievement in creating a thriving community instead.


17 Jan 2014

I remember many years ago when I started to improve my health, I began to admit my part in things. Rather than look at who or what was upsetting me, stopping me, affecting me… I started to admit the part of me that played a role in whatever the situation was.
Admitting was such a powerful thing and I see it as fundamental to regaining health and well being in so many ways.
The reason I’m bringing this up is that a few days ago while watching a talk program the topic of should employers take responsibility for helping their obese workers lose weight.
The biggest thing that stood out for me was the word responsibility.
I realised how much we look to pass ‘responsibility’ on to someone else for our own business.
Responsibility is linked to blame and that is the key – no one wants to takes the ‘blame’ for outcomes.
If somehow we could soften the language to admit rather than blame – we might have more inclination / courage / willingness / ability to do our part and that is really the most powerful component.
Once we can do that – the real work to change and make progress can begin. We may be so much more willing to openly state that we are taking responsibility and admitting when things are going well or not so well. This may in time be seen as a normal part of any change and not frowned upon for the need to be seen as perfectly able to do so without ups and downs in the process.
Not to say that discussing with our employers, ways for them to support us in that effort be stopped. The difference is that we own it and are responsible rather than someone outside of us.
Just a thought

Welcome 2014

17 Jan 2014

The power of television and online communication is that you get first hand views and insights into the mindset and perspectives that are fueling our societies. Usually people keep their opinions and views to themselves and their smaller network but now they are open for the world to see.
And that is shaping our world.
We now are exposed to and listen to a broad range of topics that have the power to move us in so many directions.
It is so much more important now that we establish a framework for what we are going to expose ourselves to or take on board; to know what we stand for as a human and our basic principles and understanding of life. If not, we are likely to enter into an ocean of confusion and be swayed here and there and ultimately land where the tide or pull is greatest. And that may not be where we really want to be.

Hence the importance of taking time to synthesize our findings into a package of meaning that feels aligned with us as humans.
To do this, means to find a safe and loving environment where your overriding purpose is to determine what- out of it all, brings well being and love to yourself and the world.
So as you enter into 2014, perhaps it’s time to bring a new approach to the year with this much needed time and focus added to your calendar.
All the best for helping to shape 2014 towards something healthy and positive for all …
Just a thought

I was waiting in the supermarket queue when I noticed the rows of magazines with bold gossip headlines.

I thought about how we’ve come to be so attached to drama…

The magazines, the gossip, the programs…

I remember a time when I yearned for the next episode of a drama series, the next update on a celebrity’s personal life, the next phone call to analyse (gossip?) about the antics of others…

It felt that was just how life was.

In my shift to a more meaningful existence, I began to do some things differently;

I swapped information and insightful books for magazines, cultural learning experiences for TV drama, discussion groups and meditation for gossip call…

I came to see that from this way of engaging life – I had more opportunity and ability to tap into some personal inner tools that had been lying dormant for… well a long time.

I began to find the mind and space to break free from that rollercoaster ride that mimicked the perceived dichotomy between all things; good / bad, up / down, positive / negative…

It helped me shift to a sense of life where no matter what… I am more able to appreciate its place in my life and what’s more, be grateful for it.

So all in all, it has helped me feel life so differently – and it is much more personally rewarding.

And it really began with the simple step of swapping ‘this’ for ‘that’…


Weight loss

7 Oct 2013

When I received another email about the answer to weight loss… I thought of my own success plan and came up with this…

Rather than ‘trying’ to lose weight and follow the next opinion and approach – spend as much of your time engaging in important and valued activities and projects and the time will pass without you over thinking the food thing.

Then when it comes to meals, keep them simple to prepare, based on natural food of many different colours and cook with love and respect for your self… and see what results. You might be surprised…

Just a thought


Spiritual overkill

15 Sep 2013

How do we really stop things getting to overkill?

Overkill is such a common pattern!

I’ve noticed that even in the area of spirituality – when we decide to turn to a more connected and often simple way of life – it turns up again!

We ‘over do’ many of our old patterns and behaviours to live it out…

We want to learn everything about it, make a zillion changes to our lives, connect with every cause, follow more and more of the same things and in the next breath we are living further from a spiritual and healthy life than ever.

The abundance of information and focus on spirituality and health topics can fool us into thinking we are living that – when in fact we are further from it.

Further because we are obsessed, over focused, over rigid and removed from living it as a natural unfolding.

So we are not in our experiences in the way we think we are.

I seem to feel we are headed towards less moments of pure bliss, timelessness, absolute appreciation and gratitude, unconditional, openness, clarity.

I don’t know but it seems there is more of a focus on showing the world what we are up to – showing rather than being. Being – where we are just engrossed in it without having the time or desire to promote it – just live it.

Um … is something wrong? Or is it just me?

It seems it is becoming more about how it is received by others…

More about the recognition and impression – what it looks like in accordance to society’s idealistic view of a ‘great life’ or ‘successful achievement’.

But what will this lead to in the future?

Perhaps little satisfaction from just doing and being for the sake of it –

So what now?

I say let’s all keep a check on ourselves and each other to help identify when we are crossing the line into that pseudo world of living too often – and away from some of the important and special things that exist in our own ‘back yard’.

Perhaps a gentle invitation to get up, get moving, get outside, get sharing with others, get experimenting, get loving, get caring, get creating or whatever it is…

Just a thought,



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