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2 May 2011

I attended the opening of a social innovation project ‘Family by Family’ that was designed to give families who have faced and endured hardship and gone onto to not only cope but thrive – the opportunity to share their story and offer support to other families in similar situations.

It is an innovation from the TACSI group whose philosophy is to tackle challenging social problems with radical design approaches that actually bring about quality outcomes for families. Visit for more information.

It is so refreshing and comforting to know there are people out there prepared to fight for new approaches that actually help and really make a difference.

The significant thing is the magnitude of the project – the vast number of people that can benefit and be touched in ways that could change their life.

If you think about there is an abundance of resources within families – strategies, community information, processes, ideas and these things usually stay within the family.

This project gives families the opportunity to share what they know which is empowering in itself but at the same time, gives families who may be in a struggle, the compassionate understanding and support that is needed to help them get through that difficult time.

It is another example of the ‘pass it on’ concept where quality information and skills are shared with others in the community to improve and enhance humanity overall.

With the pace in which new challenges, difficulties and uncertainties are being faced, an innovative approach that potentially parallels a pace and availability of support that is flexible, specific to needs and in language and style that actually connects – seems just what is needed.

It seems many of our current institutions with rigid approaches, policies and tightening of rules and structures are archaic and ineffective in this modern world of rapid change.

Let’s hope there will be more organisations and individuals with the courage and clarity to restructure and rethink how to utilise resources to make a real difference.

With this trail of thought, I began to look at my own day to day approaches to work, family and life with eyes geared to create better solutions and outcomes rather than continue with imposed rules or mindsets that serve no real purpose or bring me no closer to desired outcomes (health, wellbeing, relationships)

Rules and mindsets of this nature however are so carefully and cleverly infused into our life that we hardly know they exist hence are difficult to challenge and redesign in our thinking and behaviours

Here are a few that may be discreetly camouflaged in your life with some redesigns that may be useful!!

Exercise needs ‘time’ set aside

(Is that true? Worthwhile activity can be done any time of the day!)

Jobs are to be done before rest

(Is that most effective? Or is rest to be done before jobs?!)

Satisfaction is when it is perfect

(Is that worthwhile? Means there is a lot of waiting to be satisfied! Acknowledge the perfection in all steps and gain satisfaction along the way!)

To rest is to waste time

(Is that really true? Rest opens the channel for subconscious answers and great outcomes! You can’t waste time only chose how to experience it!)

Small contributions are hardly worth it

(Is that true? It is any initial contribution, that further movement and motivation is generated!)

If there are no immediate or visible results or gain- it is not worth pursuing

(Is that true? The ripple effect of the unseen has potential for the greatest surprises and rewards!)

The more time and energy given, the better the result

(Is that true? More of unhelpful is not better!)

Plans are to be followed

(Are they? Provided they work harmoniously with other important things at that moment!)

It is easier to stick with habits than try something different

(Is it? Perhaps only until the pain from the habit is too difficult!)

Something to ponder…

Have a great fortnight,


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