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Here I share some snippets from my recent book 22:44 Our Hidden Gift.

Find the Way is about just that... finding the way to the gifts in your own life that are there to draw upon and help life feel so much better...


It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. The reason? I’ve been doing some other things, taking on new challenges. I thought about the inconsistency of my posts and recognised I bring a more fluid approach to this service. I’ve never been a stickler on rules (such as must do it every fortnight) especially when that rule generally has no purpose other than creating stress and challenge to uphold!

I suppose subconsciously I am rejecting the automated world that fires out those consistently timed blogs, messages of which I now rarely have the breath to connect with. The non abundance of abundance has me yearning for the more subtle and occasional that once brought me a child like sense of joy and appreciation.

Any way, aside from that, as I mentioned earlier I’ve been involved in new challenges and will soon be announcing a new project that I’ve been working on with a wonderful women who shares similar passions and visions.

It has been a vision of mine for a long time and now it’s becoming a reality. I’m stepping into the arena of facing many of my usual fears, unsubstantiated beliefs and assumptions that have stopped me in the past from driving my own creation into the future. (It will be announced soon)

Another little ‘break through’ along my life path!

I hope you’re enjoying your own ‘break through’s’ – a most wonderful way to engage life…

page 188 ’22:44 Our Hidden Gift’

‘When I feared going for things in life, I’d sabotage myself.

If I sabotaged myself, I’d lost faith in my ability.’

‘When I feared failing, I’d stop my attempts.

If I stopped my attempts, succeeding felt even more impossible.’


I started to think about happiness.
I had often struggled with it because I saw it as a state of being that everyone was ‘working’ too hard to find.
It seemed to be one of those states that seemed elusive because the not so comfortable things in life seemed overpowering.
But I’ve come to see happiness more as the result of not being sabotaged by fear and its consequences. A state when you are able to be in your life and engage what it brings and be grateful and open to it all.
I began to see the relevance of this type of happiness on health.
I recently read an article about a man’s decision to let go of his illness because he felt he didn’t need it any longer…. because he had learnt the lesson from it.
So from that day on, when the pain arrived, he no longer went into it. He would talk to it and inform it that it was no longer needed. Instead he visioned and nurtured that aspect of his body with loving thoughts and a confidence that it knew just how to get back to health.
It had a profound effect on his health and wellbeing.
I thought about my own journey through my cancer experience and other times when my body was under struggle.
When I take the time to look at the physical symptom I usually find the emotional or mental message that has been feeding it.
There is no coincidence for the unrest in my body.
What I am learning to do, is admit to myself what that is.
And what a profound moment that is…
Not that I always want to accept what I discover – but it’s there for me to choose what I do with it.
When I choose to listen, I feel my true ability to heal begins.
It generally starts with a pause – and letting go of all the thoughts and emotions and stories that kept it alive.
From there everything feels quite still.
In that stillness, I notice a silencing of anything destructive.
I’m not in the same struggle with my surroundings.
As that struggle lessens, a feeling of freedom tends to arrive.
In that freedom, I feel my body being nurtured.
In that nurturing, I realise the power of my body to heal its own sorrow.
In that moment I feel at peace knowing that lies within me.
It removes that sense of fear of any ‘dreadful’ things that can happen and cause me pain.
When the fear fades, I am in the mind and body state to feel happy, be grateful, have courage and enjoy wonderful moments.
So in a sense… it begins when I take the time to identify the unrest, admit its source and spend moments stilling the noise and redirecting my focus.
Hope this is of some use as you access your own power within…
22: 44 Our Hidden Gift, Pg 188
When I feared loss, I’d hold tighter.
If I held tighter, I’d worry more and become more excessive.
When I feared not doing things right, I’d avoid trying them.
If I avoided things, I’d miss out on life.

Going through Steve’s cancer treatment I realised that…’no matter how we did it,the process would move on, but if we did it with love and lightness it would feel so much better’. Page 68 (22:44 Our Hidden Gift)

When I stumbled on this book “A Diary of Healing: My Intense and Meaningful Life With Cancer,” by Mary Ann Wasil I saw amazingly she did that and continues to do that with her young family. A true inspiration.

Have you ever thought about the person you were years ago? Is there anything different about what you do, like, appreciate, enjoy? It’s amazing how shifts are happening and it isn’t until we take a moment – that we can appreciate our life is more than just going through motions – it is a transformation process! I hope you enjoy this snippet from the book…

Page 244 A reflection of each other

Often what we see in others reflects an aspect of ourselves. At some point, we have been the very thing we love, hate, like and dislike in others. Everything is on a sliding scale of oneness and appears different in different contexts. 

I came to see how my values and perceptions had changed over time. Some thing I once described as good, bad, beautiful, ugly, right or wrong only reflected how I saw and what I valued at that particular time. It was the reason I referred to my life before cancer as my ‘past life’. That seemed to be driven by a completely different person….

Page 240

‘We gather and collect meaning from everything around us in ways and times beyond our knowing. When we appreciate that in randomness we receive the infusion of human possibilities, we get that everyone in that pot is important.’ 

So thanks to everyone who helps me with perspective. My family, friends, colleagues, clients, acquaintances…

I realise that without your versions, challenges, stories – I would be a very closed set version of myself.

It emphasises the importance of listening and sharing and keeping open and growing!

So look out for ‘who’ infuses new perspectives into your reality and make sure to thank them!



Page 65

Some weeks were especially taxing, and I knew help was critical. I had
experienced that fragile breaking feeling in the past during my crazy
days, so I knew the feeling. Times when I didn’t get a lot of sleep and
took a lot of trips to the hospital and back home in between to make
dinners (Steve couldn’t eat hospital food after the first cycle in hospital),
I was running on adrenalin, and with that came a feeling of total
depletion by the end of the day.
My good friend Anna, also a life coach, kept me on track. She was well
aware of the adrenalin trap, where you’re totally oblivious to your real
feelings and state. I stayed mindful of this and, at the end of each day,
did a meditation where I slowed down my body and breathing to tune
in to what was really happening within. I knew this was too big for me
to be stubborn, or a hero, or a martyr. I learned to say yes to offers of
help. When the offers came, it actually felt like a relief.

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