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24 Apr 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. The reason? I’ve been doing some other things, taking on new challenges. I thought about the inconsistency of my posts and recognised I bring a more fluid approach to this service. I’ve never been a stickler on rules (such as must do it every fortnight) especially when that rule generally has no purpose other than creating stress and challenge to uphold!

I suppose subconsciously I am rejecting the automated world that fires out those consistently timed blogs, messages of which I now rarely have the breath to connect with. The non abundance of abundance has me yearning for the more subtle and occasional that once brought me a child like sense of joy and appreciation.

Any way, aside from that, as I mentioned earlier I’ve been involved in new challenges and will soon be announcing a new project that I’ve been working on with a wonderful women who shares similar passions and visions.

It has been a vision of mine for a long time and now it’s becoming a reality. I’m stepping into the arena of facing many of my usual fears, unsubstantiated beliefs and assumptions that have stopped me in the past from driving my own creation into the future. (It will be announced soon)

Another little ‘break through’ along my life path!

I hope you’re enjoying your own ‘break through’s’ – a most wonderful way to engage life…

page 188 ’22:44 Our Hidden Gift’

‘When I feared going for things in life, I’d sabotage myself.

If I sabotaged myself, I’d lost faith in my ability.’

‘When I feared failing, I’d stop my attempts.

If I stopped my attempts, succeeding felt even more impossible.’


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