Emmanuelle Kelly

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5 Sep 2011

Emanuelle Kelly

A refugee from Iraq

Orphaned as a young boy and saved by Moira Kelly

Brought to Australia

Experienced love

Developed resolve

Lived out a dream

To sing to others

And now has appeared on the Australian television show, X Factor

A must watch for inspiration (if you wish to watch it on youtube)

It’s great to see as a nation we have responded and were captivated by Emmanuelle who has overcome hardship in the spirit of courage and humility


So despite his birth place

Our hearts expanded as we

‘Felt’ the nature of his battle and

Recognised his gifts and inspiration

Are the walls of difference tumbling down?

Is the common thread of our human essence surfacing?

Let’s hope…. and let it continue to infiltrate into all aspects of our life

Sporting fields, social settings, schools, workplace, homes, communities, shops

See how we go…

Just a thought

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