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17 Jan 2014

I remember many years ago when I started to improve my health, I began to admit my part in things. Rather than look at who or what was upsetting me, stopping me, affecting me… I started to admit the part of me that played a role in whatever the situation was. Admitting was such a [...]

Welcome 2014

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17 Jan 2014

The power of television and online communication is that you get first hand views and insights into the mindset and perspectives that are fueling our societies. Usually people keep their opinions and views to themselves and their smaller network but now they are open for the world to see. And that is shaping our world. [...]

I was waiting in the supermarket queue when I noticed the rows of magazines with bold gossip headlines. I thought about how we’ve come to be so attached to drama… The magazines, the gossip, the programs… I remember a time when I yearned for the next episode of a drama series, the next update on [...]

Weight loss

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7 Oct 2013

When I received another email about the answer to weight loss… I thought of my own success plan and came up with this… Rather than ‘trying’ to lose weight and follow the next opinion and approach – spend as much of your time engaging in important and valued activities and projects and the time will [...]

The other day at Chi Kung I experienced holding energy in my hands! Sounds weird but after the warm up and just before the start of the ‘set’ that I was about to embark, I noticed my hands and arms a significant distance from my body. I tried to bring them by my side but [...]

Set in our ways

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6 Dec 2012

I was speaking with a friend about parents the topic of ageing came up. She asked ‘do you think when we age we’ll become more set in our ways?’ It got me thinking! It seemed that this was a common phrase to describe people as they got older – but was that true for every [...]

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