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My grandson has had his first sleep over at our house! And what a privilege it was. I spent time totally present with him – I watched in awe as his character and capabilities shined through. I realised how unconditional it felt. I had no desire for him to be any different – I was [...]

Have you ever had days when things seem a lot worse than they did the day before? You know things actually haven’t changed – but your thoughts certainly have! What is that? Is it a mood, is it being taken over by some outside force, is it hormonal, is it some internal sabotage??? I’ve learnt [...]

I got the urge to write after enjoying a sing a long of old songs with my husband. It was a picture perfect moment… Our dogs were in absolute bliss sleeping soundly to the back drop of our music. They love it when we are both at home – and I’m sure truly appreciated being [...]


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27 Feb 2011

It was from my own personal experience and realisation that I wrote the following, Do we create our own prison within us? Think about this, Do you like to be seen in a certain way? Have you ever noticed how you react when someone challenges, labels or judges you differently to your personal self view? [...]

I was having coffee with some friends when a topic came up about some ‘inappropriate’ actions involving another person (who wasn’t present at the time). One of the group members was reluctant to discuss or give their view on the matter, even though it involved them, for they perceived it to be judgement and gossip. [...]


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15 Oct 2010

I overheard someone mention with excitement, the number of friends they had on Facebook. I thought in that moment, how the emphasis on quantity of friends and followers seems to becoming a major marker of success in the friendship area. To keep up with hundreds of ‘friends’ or ‘followers’ can be quite a job if [...]

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