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How do we really stop things getting to overkill? Overkill is such a common pattern! I’ve noticed that even in the area of spirituality – when we decide to turn to a more connected and often simple way of life – it turns up again! We ‘over do’ many of our old patterns and behaviours [...]

As we face the many changes around us it can often make us feel a bit ‘wobbly’. Things as we have known them from not that long ago seem to be a fading memory. It wasn’t long ago that internet banking, online shopping and selling, B Pay were for just a few and the usual [...]

There is no mistake we are in changing times; but that’s where we’ve always been. We’ve been in changes in technology, global communication, jobs, systems, lifestyle, and style since I can remember. We have always had to accommodate some aspect of change into our well crafted place of comfort, security and solidness. In the past [...]


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29 Jan 2013

This week I will be re commencing Friday morning Chi Kung! I first attended the sessions back in 2010 and received so many benefits from the sequences that slowed and balanced my body. But since then there has been a stream of events (aside from life in general) that had placed that activity on the [...]

I watched a program that discussed the topic of bullying and social media. They spoke of a rugby player who had received a racial attack and handled the situation quite differently to the usual retaliation we have come to expect. He seemed to diffuse the whole situation by responding with a comment something like…‘do you [...]

Taking time out

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24 Feb 2012

Well as you may have gathered I’ve put things on hold for a while and haven’t committed to my usual routine of fortnightly posts and monthly newsletter updates. You see that is just what happens when your life takes a massive change in direction. In December my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Mantle Cell [...]

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