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With such graphic images presented of all the devastation of world wide events, it seems to feel closer and remain longer in our minds and bodies. More likely are we to feel the pain of our fellow humans as they face such terror and unrest. More likely are we to realise how life purpose can [...]

An article in this weekend’s paper took my interest with the headline reading’ live longer with faith’. Research showed that the recipients of liver transplants who had faith in a higher source of some sort had recovery and survival rates much higher than those without. Whatever the reason behind such effect, it does suggest there [...]

Live the dream

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30 Jul 2010

I was at a fashion event fundraiser enjoying a conversation with a beautiful woman with a calm and engaging manner, an inner confidence and ability to connect – and discovered she was 93 years of age! This woman did not allow the number of her age, dictate her destiny. She informed me she was still [...]

The achievement of Jessica Watson is talked about worldwide but I would like to focus on something apart from the greatness of her voyage. What enabled such an amazing feat? I call it an amazing feat as it seems does the world, however in the eyes and words of Jessica, it was more a challenge [...]

Ups and Downs

In: Inspirations

17 Mar 2010

Have you ever had weeks where a lot of extraordinary things occur? I suppose this is how I would describe my fortnight. There were coincidences that led to some really positive things in relation to my work and life and just when I could have thought my ‘planets were aligning’- I was hit with many [...]


In: Inspirations

15 Feb 2010

When I opened this attachment (see below) from a dear friend (thanks Kay) I was mesmerised and felt a flow of emotions. I showed it to the rest of my family and they too were amazed. As I began to write a message about the attachment to send to others, I wondered what led to [...]

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