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I don’t know if as humans we are meant to be connected to everything as is the case through our global life approach today. Interacting through social media has expanded our network and connecting to the internet has expanded our options in every aspect of our life. Nothing is simple in terms of choice if [...]

If you ever doubted the power of manifestation – just look around at what is happening all around us. People are realising their dreams; bringing their music to the world, their stories, their books, their recipes, their fashion, their voices, their messages, their creations… It’s as though they now know how to do it. When [...]

I really struggle when I hear people refer to others in some sort of difficulty (such as a disease or illness) as  ‘poor things’. To me it’s language that insinuates ‘weak’ and brings a sense of ‘this is really bad’ and is not very empowering for the person going through it! And often it is [...]

Emanuelle Kelly A refugee from Iraq Orphaned as a young boy and saved by Moira Kelly Brought to Australia Experienced love Developed resolve Lived out a dream To sing to others And now has appeared on the Australian television show, X Factor A must watch for inspiration (if you wish to watch it on youtube) [...]

I attended the opening of a social innovation project ‘Family by Family’ that was designed to give families who have faced and endured hardship and gone onto to not only cope but thrive – the opportunity to share their story and offer support to other families in similar situations. It is an innovation from the [...]

With things happening so quickly we seem to be faced with ups and downs more frequently – like a continuous and rapid flow of ocean waves… And like waves, ups and downs highlight inevitable polarities that exist within everything. The cycles exist within a day, a lifetime and eras. The dark the light The good [...]

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