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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. The reason? I’ve been doing some other things, taking on new challenges. I thought about the inconsistency of my posts and recognised I bring a more fluid approach to this service. I’ve never been a stickler on rules (such as must do it every fortnight) especially [...]

I started to think about happiness. I had often struggled with it because I saw it as a state of being that everyone was ‘working’ too hard to find. It seemed to be one of those states that seemed elusive because the not so comfortable things in life seemed overpowering. But I’ve come to see [...]

Going through Steve’s cancer treatment I realised that…’no matter how we did it,the process would move on, but if we did it with love and lightness it would feel so much better’. Page 68 (22:44 Our Hidden Gift) When I stumbled on this book “A Diary of Healing: My Intense and Meaningful Life With Cancer,” [...]

Have you ever thought about the person you were years ago? Is there anything different about what you do, like, appreciate, enjoy? It’s amazing how shifts are happening and it isn’t until we take a moment – that we can appreciate our life is more than just going through motions – it is a transformation [...]

Page 240 ‘We gather and collect meaning from everything around us in ways and times beyond our knowing. When we appreciate that in randomness we receive the infusion of human possibilities, we get that everyone in that pot is important.’  So thanks to everyone who helps me with perspective. My family, friends, colleagues, clients, acquaintances… [...]

Page 65 Some weeks were especially taxing, and I knew help was critical. I had experienced that fragile breaking feeling in the past during my crazy days, so I knew the feeling. Times when I didn’t get a lot of sleep and took a lot of trips to the hospital and back home in between [...]

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