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8 Feb 2014

I don’t know if as humans we are meant to be connected to everything as is the case through our global life approach today.
Interacting through social media has expanded our network and connecting to the internet has expanded our options in every aspect of our life.
Nothing is simple in terms of choice if you opt to explore what is available.
It seems at every moment our heads are potentially in a spin of possibilities and we are feeling more and more that we need to be amongst it to survive it.
The sense that we have to self promote to have a stance in it otherwise we’ll be lost in the background; to a life of anonymity.
The thought seems terrifying cos we’ve been so driven with a feeling of having to keep up.. keep going.
The thought of just being in your life without having to promote it… share it… expand it…
I don’t know about you but as I see shops close down and people lose their jobs due to the increase in the online world of operating, I realise how we have sacrificed township for online communities – leaving our physical environment thinned and empty.
Where are the people?
On their i pads or computers of course…
Now they are so what we do that we can’t even eat dinner, work, sleep, shower without them!
What’s more our minds are not switching off so our sleep hence our well being is being negatively affected.
I hear it more and more – ‘I just can’t switch off!’
So what now?
Perhaps before we are fully drawn into a chasm of no return – it might be time to exercise some discipline about how much and how often and in what way we can influence the pace of that world.
We could decide to slow down the apps, updates, subscriptions…  Just as I did when I politely declined being joined up to another fashion database!

Expanding does not equal improving!

Sometimes improving is downsizing, stabilising and enjoying old fashion personal interaction in work home and play.
Remember the online world can lure us into what seems like a glorified life with amazing opportunities but don’t be fooled.
It zaps our time – our time away from really doing in our bodies the personally rewarding things we need as humans.
So beware the trap and be strong with your resolve to change the flow of this silent monster that we are falling prey to…
And bring our choices back to support things that help build lives, jobs, purpose and a sense of achievement in creating a thriving community instead.

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