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14 Apr 2011

With things happening so quickly we seem to be faced with ups and downs more frequently – like a continuous and rapid flow of ocean waves…

And like waves, ups and downs highlight inevitable polarities that exist within everything.

The cycles exist within a day, a lifetime and eras.

The dark the light

The good the bad

The comfortable the uncomfortable

We can’t have one without the other

Everything is relative

From one comes the other

One brings one thing one brings another

If we can glimpse this concept and step outside for a moment and acknowledge it, we have more chance of engaging ‘the waves’ with understanding and confidence rather than riding them as passive passengers in fear.

When we dare to face them with courage and a willingness to gain knowledge and positive experience, we might avoid the swell that often becomes the storm -and be more greatly rewarded overall.

It was while watching a ‘dance program’, as I witnessed a young man dance for the first time ever in front of his parents and national TV, that a powerful example of this emerged….

This man had something in his heart he wanted to express and while he had never danced before, it was evident he had a deep ability to express in movement what his heart wanted to say.

His parents didn’t know it was his intention to appear on the show but were so proud and happy to see what he had done.

The judges also gave him praise and congratulations for his courage.

I thought to myself how brave he was to face up to what he must have been sitting uncomfortably for some time. I also saw the result of him facing up to his truth – freedom and relief.

It had me ask again, are we now ready and able to face up to such inner truths?

The judges, his parents and the audience rather than mocking, ridiculing or judging, seemed more to admire, support and encourage.

Is this another example of an emerging new earth?

As this inspired me on my own quest for truth and authenticity, I hope you too may find inspiration from those who have faced their darkness and engaged actions to bring ‘light and freedom’.

Just a thought…

Enjoy your fortnight,

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