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Thank you for visiting this site.

Rhythm of Life coaching came to life when I decided to create wellbeing in my life;

to do the work I was passionate about.


Doing what really makes your heart sing is not always easy to find nowadays.

Sometimes it even feels challenging to really take care of you!

Sometimes it’s a challenge to know how to move?

I don’t think you’re alone…

I’m a believer that in our lives today, it’s helpful if we have a blueprint or basic philosophy for how to do this ‘life thing’ well.

So that we’re not caught in everybody else’s rules about how it should go.

So we can make the shift and change to visit new places and engage things differently.

And that’s just what we’ve done with Rhythm of Life Coaching!

In 2015, after yet another life change, Real Time Enhancements was formed.

It is now the platform from where we share our newly evolved e programs, events, learnings, unfoldings and more.

If you’re keen to view the history of blogs and mindsets that prevailed, feel free to peruse this site.

If not, we’d love to see you at the Real Time Enhancements platform and connect with you!



Visit us here. 


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I_ve been browsing your web site for a while, but until recently I made a decision to type at
least a hey there.



Thanks for taking the time to view my site,

I hope you enjoy the new posts in 2014, Cheers

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